How to contribute to this project

Thanks for considering to contribute!

Feel free to open issues for bug reports, feature requests and questions about this package.

Intended scope of this package

This package was created as the original Flask-Uploads stopped working back in February 2020. At least the PyPI packages.

The intention is to provide a drop-in-replacement.

As I consider Flask-Reuploaded very stable and possibly feature complete, big API changes are not intended.

How to contribute code

Before you consider to contribute a big pull request, please open an issue to discuss it beforehand.

When you are about to create a pull request, please make sure all the tests are passing and the linters succeed.

You can run all checks with tox.

Some examples.

tox # runs all checks

tox -e py38 # runs the tests for Python 3.8

tox -e lint # runs various linters via pre-commit

If there is anything unclear, please feel free to ask!