$ pip install Flask-Reuploaded

Migration Guide From ‘Flask-Uploads’

This package is a drop-in replacement for the unmaintained Flask-Uploads package. If you have used Flask-Uploads and want to migrate to Flask-Reuploaded,

$ pip uninstall `Flask-Uploads`

… then …

$ pip install `Flask-Reuploaded`

This means you do not have to change a single line of code.

Incompatibilities Between Flask-Reuploaded and Flask-Uploads

As already mentioned, staying compatible with Flask-Uploads is one of this project’s goals.

Nevertheless, there are the following known incompatibilities:

  • The patch_request_class helper function has been removed; the function was only necessary for Flask 0.6 and earlier. Since then, you can use Flask’s own MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH configuration variable, so you don’t read more than this many bytes from the incoming request data.

  • UPLOADS_AUTOSERVE of uploaded images has now been deactivated; this was a poorly documented “feature”, which even could have led to unwanted data disclosure.

    If you want to activate the feature again, you need to explicitly set UPLOADS_AUTOSERVE to True